Marketing Exercise Scenario

Citing a decline in registration revenue and lower ratings from a customer satisfaction survey, an organization has instructed you to develop a new branding campaign to better promote the department, its mission and services.

  1. Create a logo that embodies the inter-connected themes of “people, plants, places and animals” that would promote the recreation facilities, services, activities and special events.
  2. Write a concise, creative one-sentence tagline that can accompany the logo in embracing the above theme.
  3. Write a short internal messaging executive summary (50-100 words) that is intended to educate management as to what the new brand will mean to customers and how the logo and tagline effectively address these values and themes.
  4. In 150-200 words, discuss which approach you would execute – a formal launch announcement of the campaign or a more gradual, subtle rollout through existing marketing communication channels.
  5. You have a budget of $7,500 to initiate this new image and branding campaign. Outline the marketing and communications priorities that you would undertake to convey the new brand to the community. Do not list out traditional or digital media tactics that should be implemented, but rather how would you best allocate the entire budget toward just two or three marketing channels.
  6. For the purposes of this branding scenario, you are directed to only choose one “free” communication channel to announce or unveil the new logo to your customers and articulate the brand meaning to local media outlets. Pick just one form of outreach (i.e. video, news release, press conference, special event) and explain why that is the method you deem the most effective to announce and articulate the new campaign, its values and key messages.

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