Video Marketing Workshop with Social Media Club of Buffalo

On Wednesday night the Social Media Club of Buffalo hosted a two-hour workshop titled “Let’s Get Digital!” about video marketing tips, techniques and tactics that was presented by Mike Bean, principal creative director at Bean Media Productions, and YNN photojournalist Franco Ardito.

It was a very productive and helpful session for the 45 attendees, many of whom were either novices or experienced in some levels of online video creation and distribution, primarily via the development of a personal or professional YouTube Channel. The professional development event was held at the beautiful 100-year-old Clement House, home to the Red Cross headquarters, on Delaware Avenue.


Bean and Ardito were excellent speakers and provided a spectrum of charismatic expertise on how to arrange for the best lighting, audio and logistics for a basic interview scenario using just a mobile phone or small digital cameras for the many professionals delving into this online marketing strategy with a small budget. They even conducted a simluated interview with club president Jennifer Macey to demonstrate the entire process from recording to editing to uploading. A few of the major takeaways are as follows:

  1. Using YouTube is a great complement to an organization’s brand and showcasing expertise and how-to vignettes can go a long way to being concise, relevant and not overly sales-driven in tone and style.
  2. While most mainstream social media video, traffic and search lives and breathes through YouTube, Vimeo is another forum to consider, though it is geared more toward video production professionals and artists.
  3. Keep you videos short – creative ones can be in the 1-3 minute range, while more educational-oriented segments can run 4-7 minutes.
  4. For a budget of $50-$100, you can purchase lights, clamps and an assortment of mic accessories for smart phones to record interviews.
  5. It is a worthwhile exercise for those not versed in editing and production to experiment with YouTube’s free editing software, as it allows options to enhance the quality, sound and presentation of segments that are uploaded.
  6. Do your audience research and due diligence in SEO for videos by maximizing all of the input features – title, description and tag words. Use as many as you see fit.
  7. By devoting time to explore the many nuances of YouTube and experimenting with the vast array of free and low-cost hardware accessories and software available at major retailers and computer and A/V specialty stores, you really only need a vision and concept of how you can harness existing or amateur video to market yourself or your organization.
  8. The discussion also covered what can make a video viral (but your time is better spent on audience identification, alignment, content relevance and SEO rather than gambling for a chance gimmick that may never take off on a large level), how to best contact local news outlets for coverage and the new territory to explore with six-second segments with new toy on the block ~ Vine video through Twitter.

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