PRSA Survey Tips & Traps Webinar

PRSA presented a national webinar today by Angela Sinickas, ABC titled “Survey Tips and Traps” in which she outlined the methodology and best practices for developing concise, high-quality questions to garner the most accurate responses to meet your objectives.

PRSA_RGB_234781Some key takeaways are as follows:

  1. Start with results desired and work backwards in developing the questions.
  2. Be careful in phrasing questions that could generate confusion where potential negative responses may be involved.
  3. Avoid using “and” to bundle questions ~ these are double-barreled and pose two different factors, which will dilute the effectiveness of responses.
  4. Avoid biased questions without viable response options.
  5. For scaled range of responses, having more than four or five options can be counter-productive when interpolating the data.
  6. Be wary of built-in assumptions (positive adjectives about topic in question) or using “always” or “never.”
  7. Ask only those who would have an informed opinion about the subject matter.
  8. Generally, 400 responses is an adequate sample size for your date to have a 95% confidence interval or +/- 5 percent margin of error.
  9. Top-load questions that your audience cares about and leave the demographic questions for the end of the survey.
  10. For internal surveys, offer incentives at the group level rather than individuals.
  11. Align survey format and distribution methods with corresponding audience demographics and preferences.

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