Why So Serious? ~ Avoid Acronym Acrimony!

After you win the RFP, is it your MO to measure your KPI and deliver the ROI to the CFO ASAP before TGIF?

It sounds like many people are jaded and/or skeptical about the abundance of acronyms that tend to saturate the business landscape. The abbreviating of phrases, terms and concepts has long been an accepted, if not commonly parodied, aspect of the parlance that is trafficked in the workplace. Maybe we can have more fun and embrace some wordsmithing with the ever-expanding arsenal of catchy and over-broadcasted acronyms.

Most people are familiar with the everyday truncated trove of jargon letters such as DBA, EBITDA, GAAP, ROI, RFP/RFQ, KPI, SMART, SWOT, CRM, CSR and AVE that travels clearly across the multidisciplinary spectrum.

What about RACE/RPIE, PEST, NPV, EPS, BAU, LBO, DDA, GRACE and STARE? When you develop or stumble upon acronyms that are actual nouns or verbs, the serious wordplay shines through.

Since the once-popular “buzzword bingo” among cynical corporate or agency meeting attendees is likely played out, perhaps a new game could emerge in the form of “Acronym Backgammon.” So don’t be mad or flustered with having to digest and juggle old, rehashed, hybrid, fabricated or emerging terminologies, just keep jotting down any new or previously unfamiliar short-speak and soon you may have enough abbreviations to repaint those sets of dice and start rolling the board.

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