MBA Primer ~ Part I: Setting the Stage

To help keep my mind sharp and refresh my brain’s battery from what I digested from the 16-course/48-credit curriculum from the two-year MBA program at the W.P. Carey School at Arizona State University, my next six blogs will provide overviews of what I gleaned in the form of a synthesis of course highlights, opinions and targeted takeaways.

Below are the seven components I aim to address over the next week with a new entry each day (I mailed it in for today with a link to my rationale recap last summer).

  1. Part I: Setting the Stage ~ Why Pursue It? [My perspective from June 2011]
  2. Part II: Preparation & Intangibles
  3. Part III: Delving into Disciplinary Foundation
  4. Part IV: Selecting the Specialization
  5. Part V: Molding the Managerial Mindset
  6. Part VI: Roadmapping Credential Attainment  [How to Put it to Work for You?!]
  7. Part VII: Figuring out Your New Asset

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