[Online] Magazines Still Matter

If you follow me on Twitter (@LiamTOMahony), you know I have a relentless penchant for posting links to Valley magazines and marketing and public relations industry periodicals. It’s a habit I acquired three-and-a-half years ago when I really began devoting time, research and energy to Twitter.

I pick up all kinds of local magazines, ranging from news and lifestyle to arts and culture to health and wellness. I love the hyper-local publications and sharing store and event links, but I also strive to share as many interesting national public relations and marketing newsletters, blogs or articles as I deem potentially interesting for me and perhaps offer some value to my network.

I love going to AJ’s food stores in the Valley once a month because they always have a great selection of local lifestyle, entertainment and nice magazines that are often complimentary in the front near the newspaper stand. After swiftly scanning the free display, I head for the regular periodicals retail rack at AJ’s and Barnes & Nobles. I head straight to perusing Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc. and Wired. I used to be preoccupied by sports and entertainment magazines in years past, but now I primarily focus on browsing the business, news and marketing publications.

I am glad that many local and industry publications produce free digital editions to enhance their reach through social media channels.  For associations that are trying to preserve their member benefits and value-added offerings, they are prudent to maintain member-access for parts or all of their editorial content. The reasons I seek out these online magazines and share corresponding links of interest to me follow; my aim is that some followers may find something potentially relevant or useful to them personally or professionally or their organization as well.

  1. Looking for community events, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities.
  2. Uncovering local business and marketing calls for award nominations for companies, individuals, volunteers and local athletes.
  3. Sharing features, news, honors of acquaintances and colleagues.
  4. Looking for tie-ins for followers’ clients, event sponsors, call for speakers and story ideas.
  5. Finally, just spreading the community news to as many as are interested!

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