Mentorpreneurship Can Be a 360-Degree Relationship

Whatever market or industry you work in, serving as a prospective advisor to recent graduates as they become new professionals can be a valuable, mutually-beneficial, 360-degree feedback experience. Mentoring seems to be a very under-valued and under-invested aspect of young professionals’ career development strategy. It should be an important practice for graduates to take the initiative in harvesting information from experienced practitioners in their chosen career fields. We can all augment this process by meeting with some of them along the way to supplement their efforts to transition into being gainfully employed.

Last July I wrote this blog about making the mentorpreneurship matter for all parties involved.

What I am proposing is that anyone who has a new grad in their network, neighborhood or a niece or nephew try to carve out anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours to do one of the following as a “mentorpreneur” to lend some guiding advice or assistance to freshly-minted degree holders who will be canvassing the Valley in search of a job they will love. Call it a post-commencement contribution toward crafting the future workforce.

  • Edit a resume and/or cover letter
  • Spend some time on the phone dispensing ideas or counsel
  • Treat a new grad to coffee or lunch to hear their story, passion or job search strategy 
  • Invite a new grad to shadow you at your organization for a couple of hours
  • Allow a new grad to sit in on a meeting, presentation or seminar
  • Take a new grad into the field with you, such as an interview at a media outlet, manufacturing tour or special event
  • Offer to connect him or her with a colleague or another expert in their chosen field via your LinkedIn or Twitter network
  • If applicable to the situation, offer to put them in touch with another contact from your university alumni association 

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