There are Six Types of “C” Personal Brands – Which One are You?

At the March 15 IABC Phoenix professional development luncheon, speaker Kammie Kobyleski talked about personal branding, and she outlined an “Extract, Express and Exude” strategy when assessing your values and strengths in your career life cycle and ongoing personal branding projection.

1. Extract – confirm your true strengths and values, focus on life goals, ask for and assess 360-degree feedback, analyze target audiences and understand how your brand fits into the professional landscape.

2. Express – Identify most effective and enjoyable tools for you to communicate regularly. Create a theme to focus communication to your audience. Develop a plan and live your brand!

3. Exude – Walk your talk! Every component is brand-on, from appearance to style to accessories to business cards. Nurture and expand your professional network. Collaborate, share referrals and create new opportunities.

Then she delved into the six types of “C” brands. Which one most applies to your brand?

  • Correct – Example: Richard Branson – reflects personal attributes or qualities of creator.
  • Clear – Example: Madonna – It’s sure about what it is and what it’s not.
  • Concise – Example: Apple/Steve Jobs – Can be captured in one or two sentences describing creator’s unique promise of value.
  • Constant – Example: Donald Trip, Lady Gaga – It is always visible and accessible (sometimes over saturated)
  • Clever – Example: Lucile Ball, Ellen – It is differentiated and unique; sparks intrigue among target market and separates the creator from others with similar abilities.
  • Connected – Examples: Oprah, Martha – Participate in appropriate communities and part of a strong network of partners, colleagues and customers.

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