AMA Phoenix Social Media Panel Recap from March 28

AMA Phoenix held its monthly marketing professional development luncheon on Wednesday, March 28 at a new venue, Seasons 52 at the Biltmore. The event drew more than 80 attendees, including members and non-members from a range of disciplines and sectors. The presentation was billed as “Harnessing the Power of Social Media” and the panelists came from the brand and agency sides –Matt Simpson of Bulbstorm moderated with Cindy Kim from JDA Software, Shane Barnhill from Honeywell and Travis Uwin from Sitewire. Below is a brief snapshot of the proceedings:

  • The group concurred that establishing broad goals with social media metrics is great but you need to map sales (or other tangible ROI outcomes) to more than just eyeballs. You need to always be ready when the C-Suite and financial officers probe you on whether such strategies, tactics and efforts are truly impacting sales, procuring leads and reaching target audiences whether it is B2B or B2C engagement.
  • Kim noted that it is helpful to have a “cadence” in  your organization when setting out with a content marketing or publishing strategy, conducting project meetings or developing campaigns. I think she means that marketers need to drive their own destiny by establishing a protocol and ensuring their team adheres to the procedures while also managing up in setting expectations, sharing results and delivering measurement reports.
  • Barnhill talked about the lead drive cycle for Honeywell, and how social media efforts have contributed to the deal, the deal expansion and the deal velocity.
  • Unwin emphasized a great point in that online marketing tactics can have a correlation to your quantitative metrics but that doesn’t necessarily equate with causation. Still, he says you shouldn’t be shy about staking your claim to correlation metrics, as these are surely having impact on your organization or client bottom lines.
  • Unwin advocated the importance that Google+ is playing and will continue to impact one’s presence in search and relevancy. He claimed it is more than just another social network application, but rather a broad social layer that can connect more experts in certain spheres while spreading your messages and influence.
  • Kim noted the importance of ongoing education management within organizations and agencies in the form or periodic brown bag luncheons, town hall forums or workshops led by your respective subject matter/discipline experts. That includes having a champion in your HR and/or legal departments for an interdepartmental understanding and appreciation of the company’s online presence and essence.

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