The 10-Stage Digital Domain Denizen Rubric

Where do you stand in the realm of novice-to-guru spectrum of the ever-expanding, evolving, not completely-definable digital marketing discipline? What follows is a scale of progressing classifications for individuals absorbed in online media and their pursuit of such related information, knowledge and the likely Internet addiction that ensues. Please weigh in if you agree, disagree, have other ideas, a different scale or just do not care for such random digressions.

1.  Skeptic Traditionalist – Appears content with email and basic web trolling; has serious concerns about sharing details about their professional and/or personal lives; possibly paranoid about privacy breaches or virus acquisition.

2. Pandora’s Curious Soldier – They have signed up for multiple application accounts, so the toes are in the water and on the precipice of being devoured by the time-craving, predatory social media sharks.

3. Eager Enthusiast – Genuine interest in honing their social media skills without letting such pursuits consume his or her life.

4. Generalist Specialist – Basic grasp of most mainstream applications; has potential to be a little dangerous as a “dabble” along with know-it-all aspirations.

5. Specialist Generalist – Well-versed in many applications; not a dabbler anymore, seeks to be entrenched with a discipline that would put him or her on a tenured track to gurudom.

6. Ambitious AmbassadorThis person is a non-stop branding machine for themselves, their organization and/or their clients.

7. Content Addict – This person has attained the “Cold Stone Gotta Have It” status by cranking out content day and night, range covers minutiae to top-10 tips to quirky “overheards” to random viral videos.

8. Multi-Platform Aficionado – You want this person on your team. They can “make it happen” when you have the concept, design, content or messages to distribute but don’t know how to put very many pieces of the 1,000-word puzzle together.

9. Expert – This person has cemented his or her niche for being a panelist, spokesperson, frequent media guest to expound on the virtues of best practices and vices of the overdeployment of the digital toolbox.

10. Guru (whether self-proclaimed and/or outsider-annointed) – Though overused in the business, the Real McCoy Guru is invited to be a presenter at many association events or workshops; they likely have a book deal in the works and could soon be on the verge of “Conference Carnie” status by transitioning to the full-time national speaking circuit.

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