Want to be a Communicator with More Finance Experience?

If you are looking to leave your communicator’s comfort zone a little by gaining experience in a different discipline while having the chance to be on a board of Valley colleagues, I have a great opportunity for you. IABC Phoenix is seeking a Vice President of Finance for the 2012-13 board term that will start in July.

I served in this finance board member role for IABC Phoenix last year and this current year, so I will be termed out and looking to transition the responsibilities to a new board candidate. The only real criteria to be eligible is that you are an active IABC Phoenix member. That’s the easy part. The hard part is dealing with all of the Wall Street financiers clamoring for your transactions to boost their commissions. Seriously, there is no high finance involved and it is not a difficult role to fill; and I say that as someone who had limited financial experience outside of some accounting and finance courses. As a nonprofit professional association, the board is dedicated to balancing the budget and generating modest income to fund programs, grants and scholarship opportunities for members and students and general and administrative expenses.

Board members are all volunteers and active IABC Phoenix members like everyone else and pay to participate and attend all of the educational programs and special events. Being on the board provides several great additional benefits as you have the opportunity to step away from your office once a month for the board meeting and work with a new and dynamic group of industry peers. There is great sharing, collaborating and networking that goes on throughout the year as the board learns more and grows together in budgeting, planning, executing and evaluating all of the chapter’s programs and normal operations.

The time commitment is very manageable, with most of the efforts coming at the end of each month to prepare the finance report and reconcile the banking statements. The rest of the duties are generally short transactions, phone calls or emails to keep the financial activities on track and communicate any updates to the rest of the board as needed.

To provide a brief overview of what the VP of Finance is responsible for, below are the core duties:

  • Lead the annual budgeting process with the president, past president and incoming president.
  • Distribute all payments for venues, event logistic expenses and board member reimbursements.
  • Deposit all payments for programs, monitor chapter assets and prepare monthly financial reports.
  • Attend meetings and programs, contribute to activities such as award judging, blogging or newsletter briefs.

The 2012-13 slate of board candidates will be approved in the spring and new members will be expected to attend the June board meeting as part of the transition process for the new board that begins in July. It’s a great opportunity to bolster one’s communications credentials and demonstrate a commitment to learning more and upholding the best practices of the industry.

If you are up for a new challenge to be more involved in a great professional development association and enhance your board membership and industry leadership skills, contact the incoming 2012-13 IABC Phoenix board president Bart Butler at bart.butler01@yahoo.com to apply for this finance position. Please include a brief letter of interest along with your bio or resume.

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